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Clinic Schedule

Here is the schedule so far for the clinic. We still have some space for some 2'3" riders on Sunday morning. Email thjagbz@gmail.come if you're interested! Day stalls are available for $50 (bedding included) Contact Emily at Stonetree Farms to book. Riders must be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled riding time. Robyn asks that the riders be attired as though they were at a show, so breeches and boots, and a fitted jacket, sweater or vest. Their horses need to be clean, have pulled manes and all tack needs to be clean and in good repair. Saddle pads need to be clean, white and fitted. Auditors with proof of 2020 thja memberships in the georgian bay zone are free! Others can audit for $20 paid the day of the clinic. Free lunch will be provided for all riders and auditors with memberships. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 3 weeks!!!

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