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MyESM 2021 Updates

Attention GB Trillium Nation

Below is a PSA as we continue to work towards having a COVID19 compliant show season in 2021!!

In response to this our show program My ESM has made a ton of updates to the program:

1) My ESM Realtime Show! Registering for this will allow you to have online access to course maps for each class that the horse is entered into, access to view the online orders of go and have the actual time that you will be showing.

**Registration for this will be on the My ESM show program when you register for each horse show and the price is “per horse entry” and access to the program will be for the rider, trainer, coach and parent for each horse entry.

2) Vaccination Certificates for each horse entry can be uploaded directly onto the My ESM program. Just upload a picture of your certificate onto your horse’s account in My ESM. No more bringing your vaccine certificates into the show office! Yay!

3) My ESM will also create a list of all persons that will be attending the show with each horse to be in compliance with Covid 19 Contact Tracing protocols. Persons completing the entries should fill this section in as part of the show entry process.

REMEMBER: Please update all contact information when completing your show entries for each person on the entry (rider, parent, trainer email and phone number). This helps us out immensely when we need to contact you! If you have any questions about this, please email or

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