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The 50% Rule in 2021

Following lengthy discussion of the 50% Rule of the THJA the board of directors has voted to adjust the 50% Rule for the 2021 season as follows in an effort to allow for flexibility:

  • A competitor must show (Show=Marked on a Judge’s Card) in a division at a minimum of 50% of the THJA shows in their zone for their points to count towards Championship Show. For 2021, movement of a horse/rider combination between eligible divisions over the course of the season will be considered in the overall show count to meet the 50% requirement.

  • A competitor must show (Show = Marked on a Judge’s Card) at a minimum of 50% of the THJA Shows in their zone in their respective equitation/medal classes for their points to count towards Championship Show.

  • Showing in only equitation/medal classes at a show will not be considered towards division participation tallies. l In zones with six or fewer shows, competitors must attend a minimum of three shows regardless of the 50% rule.

As a development focused provincial circuit the THJA has voted to relax the 50% rule to allow for horse/rider combinations to move between divisions as their coaches feel appropriate. This adjustment will allow our athletes to develop their competition skills at the level that is suitable at that point in time during the season. Points will still ultimately determine the top seven in each division.

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